World leading video interviewing that plays well with Workable. What's not to love?

Why myInterview?

See the personality behind the resume.
Assess Authenticity
Applications you can trust. Video is authentic.
Company Culture
Find candidates that contribute to your company's goals and values.
Candidate Insights
Let data aid your decisions. Screen and filter candidates objectively.
Easily collaborate with your colleagues to find the greatest matches.

Seamlessly link myInterview with your Workable account

put candidate first

Putting the candidate first

A tailor made candidate experience that has been designed to put your applicants at ease. Use myInterview at every stage of the screening process.

Seamless Review

Review interviews, collaborate with decision makers and short list candidates all within your Workable account. We can even provide the shortlist for you.
Seamless Review
Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics

Deep analytics enable you to track user experience and impact.
myInterview AI helps determine which questions work the best for your candidates and which candidates will work the best for your organisation.

Employers save 60% of their time to hire using myInterview!

Let's Start

myInterview is designed for Workable

Premium video interviewing technologies
Robust software that can be relied upon.
Use myInterview for first and second stage screening
From application to final shortlist, we have you covered.
Video introductions
Personalised video introductions show the hiring manager behind the job position.
Invite candidates via CSV, email or a shareable link
Invite candidates directly from your Workable account.
Collaborate with decision makers
Review interviews with teammates for the best results.
Shortlist, comment and rate submissions
Simple candidate management.
Share interviews with clients
Share interviews with stakeholders and receive their feedback.
Integrate into your website and ATS
Connect myInterview to Workable for added convenience.
Mobile responsive user friendly design
We remove all of the friction for candidates.
Optional training sessions
Contact our consultants to optimise your interviewing.
Try the myInterview difference.